A Dinosaur Ate My Sister


Esha Verma is a genius inventor, she says so herself!  Somehow, she and her assistant Broccoli have invented a time travel machine, which they intend to enter for the legendary Brain Trophy.  Unfortunately, her irksome sister Nisha has been playing with the time machine and has somehow transported herself back to the Cretaceous age, a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth!

Esha and Broccoli (and his tortoise Archibald) have to travel back in time themselves to rescue Nisha.  Firstly, however, they have to deal with Secondus, an official from the time travel agency, who insists that they follow the internationally recognised rules of time travel.

This first selection for the Marcus Rashford Book club, is a fast-paced and funny time-travel adventure, brilliantly illustrated throughout by Allen Fatimaharan and written by Pooja Puri.

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A Dinosaur Ate My Sister

The Not-So-Secret Adventures of a Genius Inventor

Pooja Puri, illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan

(Pan MacMillan)

A Dinosaur Ate My Sister has the distinction of being the first book selected for the Marcus Rashford Book Club.  As Marcus says, it’s ‘The perfect story to escape into and find adventure.  Pooja is super talented and I’m a big fan!’.
It is a very funny and brilliantly illustrated wacky time-travel adventure.  Esha Verma, so she says, is a ‘genius inventor extraordinaire’.  She and her assistant Broccoli have invented a time travel machine, but unfortunately her sister Nisha has somehow been transported back to the Cretaceous era, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth!  Furthermore, although Esha contends that the accident was her sister’s fault, she is nonetheless obliged to try and rescue her.  Taking time out from toiling to win the legendary Brain Trophy – the ultimate inventing prize – Esha sets out on the rescue.
But first, they have to work with a new recruit from The Office of Time, Secondus.  He is less than impressed with Esha and Broccoli’s attempts to travel back in time.  Moreover, there are time travel rules that have to be obeyed!  This is especially important when you have to face hungry dinosaurs, mysterious black holes and malfunctioning inventions to get them back in time.
The story is constantly inventive and laugh-out-loud and it features super illustrations throughout by Allen Fatimaharan.
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