A Dress With Pockets


Jenny Løvlie’s illustrations in A Dress With Pockets are imbued with spring hope, vivacity and movement. Yet this is the Fabulous Fashion Store, which is packed to the rafters with choices for Lucy. It seems she’s to treated to a veritable overload of dresses, but which will she choose? After all, there are ‘Furry dresses, feather dresses,/ lacy dresses, leather dresses,/ Headdresses, red dresses,/ quiet dresses, LOUD!// Fairy dresses, hairy dresses,/ Watch out for the scary dresses!/ Wispy- fauzy- floaty dresses/ for looking like a cloud!’

So which will Lucy choose? Or might it be that she brings proceedings to a standstill with her request of A Dress With Pockets? Might it be that Lucy really ‘needs pockets to help [her] explore?’

We love the rhyme and pace and imagination of this splendid picture book and recommend it highly to read aloud, love, share and come to know well. A Dress With Pockets is a triumph!

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A Dress With Pockets

Lily Murray and Jenny Løvlie

(Pan Macmillan)

To go shopping for new clothes for your birthday with Aunt Augusta? It seems such a treat. However, we’re left wondering at Lucy’s reaction. After all, she’s visiting the Fabulous Fashion Store, which has ‘every kind of dress and more….’
It seems this store has dresses in every style, in every colour, for every purpose, even ‘titchy‘ or ‘witchy‘ or ‘itchy‘. It seems these dresses might be ‘furry- feather-lacy [or] leather‘ or even ‘fit for a Queen’! Why you might find one that’s ‘wispy-gauzy-floaty‘ that leaves you ‘looking like a cloud!‘ Lucy’s the opportunity to be ‘lovely pink and fluffy‘ or ‘puffy’ or ‘shiny‘ or ‘spiny’ or loose! Then there are ‘tied-up-in- knotty dresses,/ Polka-Dotted spotty dresses,/ Slinky dresses, twinkly dresses,/ Lit up like the night!’ 
After all of this, it seems certain that Lucy’s spoiled for choice? Yet is she? Lily Murray spins words like candy floss so that we’re ragged with excitement and choice. Meanwhile, the illustrations of Jenny Løvlie are bright, immediate and expressive. It means that we know that Lucy’s overwhelmed and struggling to find her voice to ask for A Dress With Pockets.
Then again, we understand that this is a birthday girl who has A Way With Wild Things. Therefore, she needs a practical approach, something that will work with her! Can the Fabulous Fashion Store oblige? Will Lucy find A Dress With Pockets? 


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