A Duckling Called Button


This is the second in the Jasmine Green series by Helen Peters, although neither the order, nor the other titles, are necessary to reading and enjoying this book.

When Jasmine and her best friend Tom survey the damage left by Bella’s unleashed dog’s rampage at the farm pond, they are shocked. Their mission is to save the eggs left by the mother duck the dog has killed. We follow Jasmine’s progress from tending the eggs in an incubator, to encouraging pond dips, from emergence, to feeding, care and development.

The story is told directly and well; there are many farming/ animal husbandry facts included, while Jasmine’s character, relationships and setting are interesting and realistic.

‘A Duckling Called Button‘ is a super book for any reader who  has assumed a consistent reading habit, for it is satisfying, warm and very interesting. We recommend ‘A Duckling Called Button‘ highly to our Bookwagon readers.


A Duckling Called Button

(A Jasmine Green series title)

Helen Peters, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

(Nosy Crow)

Jasmine and Tom have their work cut out caring for an abandoned duckling. What can they do to prevent such devastation as ‘A Duckling Called Button‘ experienced, reoccurring? We love the intelligence of this title, the respect it shows its subject and readers. We recommend the Jasmine Green series to those seeking a fulfilling, intelligent reading experience.



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