A Far Away Magic


‘A Far Away Magic’ threatens Bavar’s secretive existence. It chased away his parents. He is schooled by his grandfather and Uncle Sal in his power and responsibility. Yet Bavar is determined not to fight the threatening raksasa.

When Angel, the new girl at school ‘sees’ him, Bavar’s world is turned upside down. As the two realise their connections, they join forces with a shared aim. They seek the truth about Angel’s parents, what her father knew, and how this relates to Bavar’s parents’ disappearance. They need to heal the rift and shun the raksasa.

‘A Far Away Magic’ is rich in magic, sadness and longing. It is an intelligent, rich and disturbing novel that lingers long after you’ve finished it.


A Far Away Magic

Amy Wilson

(Pan Macmillan)

Why can Angel see Bavar when few others can? What does Angel have that Bavar and his ancestors need? Can Angel heal the ‘rift’? It’s something about which Bavar’s grandfather has told him. Yet there’s a ‘rift’ in Angel’s life, since the night she saw her parents killed. ‘A Far Away Magic‘ hosts exceptional characters, shrieking monsters and a deep sadness shared between two isolated souls. Amy Wilson has created a
rich, unique story.


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