A First Book of the Sea


‘A First Book of the Sea’ is quite wonderful. This is a testament to the full wonder of the sea. Nicola Davies leads us from the earliest voyages known across the Pacific ocean, to seaside visits to the pier. We learn about sailing ships, the movement of crabs, and fishing methods in places far away.

The sea, in all its varied forms is truly explored. Turning every page, the reader is offered another subject to enjoy and contemplate. Sea shanties, pearl divers, nocturnal phosphoresce, ‘A First Book of the Sea’ is all encompassing and glorious. Emily Sutton’s subtle sea-foam light colouring pictures match the tone and subject perfectly.

A First Book of the Sea‘ is a ‘forever’ book. Nicola Davies’ third of the series is as wonderful as its two award- winning predecessors- A First Book of Animals  and  A First Book of Nature

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A First Book of the Sea

Nicola Davies, illustrated by Emily Sutton

(Walker Books)

A First Book of the Sea offers readers a visit to the familiar, from sandcastles and piers, to a seascape of the history and wonders of the ocean. Once again, as with Nicola Davies‘ inspired Books of Nature and Animals, this journey is as a young child. Thereafter, we step into the shoes and watch and learn. It seems we might journey, like Clem and Crab upon the rock pools. Then again, might we consider phosphoresce, or the importance of plankton? What is plankton and where might we find it?
The writer travels the oceans, from pole to pole. We step onto seashores, watch puffins and wonder at flying fish. Thereafter, it we learn about the deadly threat of plastic in our oceans.
 A First Book of the Sea is organised into four sections; the shore, journeys, underwater and wonders. Thereafter, within each area we’re gifted the opportunity to dive in, learn and investigate. What’s more, Emily Sutton’s illustrations are magical, full of detail, colour and vitality. Altogether, Bookwagon considers this books a magnificent title that truly honours and reveals the scope and wonder of its subject.


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