A Foal Called Storm


Jasmine is perplexed when she discovers a terrified foal in one of the farm’s fields. How did he get there? The animal is very young, scared and injured. While she, and then Tom, her best friend, await her vet mother’s attention, they try to calm him.

Thereafter, Storm, as they name the foal, needs to feed. How can they make him accept milk from a bucket? What’s more it seems he needs somebody/ something to calm him. Could Mistletoe, the farm donkey, help? Might a companion such as Truffle ease Storm’s terror too?

The hunt for Storm’s home begins. It seems there are horse thieves about, but a very young foal? However, Jasmine’s home is not the best place for calm detection. Dad is anxious about the dairy herd’s TB test results, while the family is enduring a visit from his aunt Eva (Evil). Then there is the endless equipment attached to the two house tamed dwarf rabbits that Jasmine has agreed to care for. What a lot to take on board!

A Foal Called Storm is the latest instalment from the Jasmine Green series. Like its predecessors, it is an entirely satisfying read, where we engage with the characters, situation and then learn about animals and farm life too. Bookwagon loves and recommends A Foal Called Storm, alongside all the books in this series. They are a pleasure to read.

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A Foal Called Storm

Helen Peters, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

(Nosy Crow)

Jasmine’s father is not impressed when A Foal Called Storm arrives on the farm. After all, he has worries about TB being detected in one of the dairy herd. Then again, he’s concerned that Jasmine’s menagerie has grown considerably over the years. We know for we’ve been enjoying watching it through Helen Peters‘ superb Jasmine Green titles.
Therefore, where has this young horse arrived from, and why to Jasmine’s family’s farm? Thankfully, Jasmine’s Mum is a vet, so she can give guidance as to Storm’s needs. However getting him to feed and thereafter to settle, proves problematic. Is this something that A Donkey Called Mistletoe might be able to help with?
Alongside the foal, Jasmine is contending with an unwelcome visit from her father’s aunt Eva (Evil), and then the care of some house rabbits. Yet, it’s the young horse that’s proving the biggest concern. Where did he come from? What is his story?
A Foal Called Storm is a really satisfying, engaging and informative story, ideal for newer chapter book readers, those seeking a sterling series. Yet this bookseller looks forward to the latest instalment from Jasmine Green, hugely. Every title is well written, respectful and captivating.


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