A Funny Thing Happened At The Museum…


So what did happen during Henry’s school visit to the museum? Triceratops charging? Balloon folding for Neanderthals? The discovery of an Escher stairway to a basement of wonders? Unfinished paintings?

We reminisce with Henry, becoming increasingly perplexed as we work to ascertain whether his recall is valid or imagined.

Complex illustrations and inclusions tip this fascinating translation over the edge into classic storybook theatre. We recommend ‘A Funny Thing Happened At The Museum‘ to all Bookwagon readers.


A Funny Thing Happened At The Museum…

Davide Cali and Benjamin Chaud

(Chronicle Books) – hardback

‘So what did you think of our museum trip, Henry?’ You won’t believe what Henry recalls from his day at the museum, or will you? This is a curious and riveting early reader, with enough in the text and the witty illustrations to perplex and captivate. We love ‘A Funny Thing Happened At The Museum…’ and recommend it to our readers. 



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