A Girl Called Justice


‘A Girl Called Justice‘, Justice Jones, is entering formal education for the first time. It’s harsh; her mother has died recently and boarding school is ferocious, cold and forbidding. However, Justice is made of stern stuff. She has her mother’s words in her head and heart, and on the page, for Justice’s mother was a detective novelist.

This, and her father’s successful career as a barrister, steal Justice. They make her more attuned to suspicious settings and people.

Strange things are definitely afoot at Highbury House Boarding School for the Daughters of Gentlefolk. An undertaker has been called. There are strange meetings in the north turret. Stories of ghosts and angels abound. Then there’s the message Justice receives written in the Headteacher’s familiar green ink. Justice is on the case…

‘A Girl Called Justice’ is a gripping, clever, respectful middle grade crime novel. Elly Griffiths creates the setting authentically. I love Justice’s character, the way she can analyse her peers and hold her own. All the time she is fighting her own internal battles, charged by loss and separation. We can almost feel the crisp cold and retch along with the second formers at (dead baby) dinner. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome ‘A Girl Called Justice’ aboard the wagon.


A Girl Called Justice

Elly Griffiths


Justice Jones is suspicious of Highbury House Boarding School for the Daughters of Gentlefolk on her first approach. There’s something eerie, unwelcoming and hidden. Why does the taxi driver appear to want to leave hastily? Why did an undertaker call on the school? Who wrote the letter asking for the help of ‘A Girl Called Justice’?


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