A Goat Called Willow


With ten-pounds to spend at the Fenton Sheep Show, Jasmine and Tom do not expect to end up bargaining this and other savings to buy an abandoned kid! They’ve been warned from taking in any more animals, but somehow, they know this little goat will not survive without their help.

How will they hide ‘A Goat Called Willow‘? She has special feeding needs that must remain secret.,Where can they keep her? There’s a lot to work out, and so much to keep hidden.

We love Helen Peters’ ‘Jasmine Green‘ series. Each title is respectful and realistic about animal behaviour and care, and farm life. We recommend ‘A Goat Called Willow’, and each of its predecessors, highly. They are superb reading fare for newer readers, those looking for a really readable series, and  readers who enjoy stories about animals, families and friendships.


A Goat Called Willow

Helen Peters, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

(Nosy Crow)

It’s the day of the Fenton Sheep Fair. Nobody expects Jasmine and Tom to encounter ‘A Goat Called Willow’. Yet once they catch sight of the abandoned little kid, our animal- loving pair are on a mission to keep her! We love and recommend Helen Peters’ ‘Jasmine Green’ series, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon. We recommend them highly to newer, and older readers alike.


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