A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder


Pippa Fitz- Amobi is an A-grade student in a happy family with a sound group of friends. As her school year concludes she is tasked with one final research paper of her choosing. Thus begins ‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’ for Pippa has elected to investigate a crime that rocked Little Kilton, her small local town, five years before.

She is convinced that Sal Singh was not responsible for the murder of his girlfriend, local golden girl, Andi Bell. All evidence, including timings and his apparent suicide point to him as the culprit. The case is closed. Yet, there are red herrings in the case that trouble Pippa. She’s warned she’s chosen an ‘incredibly sensitive topic‘. What’s more the families and friends of the victim and ‘murderer’ reside in the town still. How can Pippa investigate without unleashing a hornet’s nest? Furthermore, isn’t Pip putting herself in danger?

We read the story apace with Pip as she meets those closely involved in the drama. Thereafter, we follow up on her case notes. Gradually we begin to make our assumptions, read the clues, take on the detective mantle with Pip. We applaud her determination, wit and intelligence as we become as tied up with Little Kilton’s secrets, lies and history as our heroine.

Bookwagon was gripped by this bold, sparky debut novel. We recommend ‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’ to readers over thirteen, only.

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A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Holly Jackson


‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder‘ could be the title of Pippa Fitz- Amobi’s final school assignment. It’s a research paper, something of interest. Pippa is warned-  ‘this is an incredibly sensitive topic to pick- a terrible crime that happened in our town.‘ However, what if this terrible crime arrived at the wrong result? Furthermore, what if the wrong person was framed for the murder? It seems like Pippa is on her own with her suspicions, yet as her research begins to unpick truths, half-truths and lies, the very fragment of the town unravels.
Who was Andi Bell? Did Sal Singh take his life because he was Andi’s murderer? Why are the Singh family living in Little Kilton still? What is the nature of their existence? What secrets do Andi’s friends and family keep?
Pippa’s an A-grade student, ruthless, determined and inspired. However all of her abilities are nothing when they’re up against a closed case of secrets that somebody needs hidden….


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