A Hat for Mr Mountain


Nara receives a letter inviting her to create A Hat for Mr Mountain who is afraid of the winter snow. She is determined to create ‘the best hat in the world’. After all, Nara’s unique creations for her animal friends in the forest makes them very happy.

Knitting ‘a hat big enough for a mountain‘ takes a long time. However she has her animal friends to help her fit her creation upon the mountain top. Yet, what about rain on the wool? Thereafter, what happens when the woven leaf hat she creates is too tempting for the animals? Then the mice light a campfire that sparks into tinder storm and destroys the wooden hat Nara creates. It seems as though she will have to abandon all her plans. After all, what sort of a hat might fit a mountain?

What an ingenious, encouraging and unconventional picture book! I love the creativity, wonder and beautiful storytelling. Somehow Soojin Kwak has interplayed primary colours and a perfectly descriptive text within lush, over layered colours suggesting Nara’s forest paradise. There is something quite subtle, symbolic and wonderful. Bookwagon adores A Hat for Mr Mountain.

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A Hat for Mr Mountain

Soojin Kwak

(Pan Macmillan)

Nara is delighted to receive a letter asking her to make A Hat for Mr Mountain. After all, Nara makes ‘lovely colourful hats in her studio in the forest’. Her stylish skills make the ‘dogs, foxes and giraffes‘ very happy.  However, there’s a problem for Mr Mountain is afraid of the winter snow. Can she make him the perfect hat? Would a knitted hat ‘big enough for a mountain‘ do the trick? Or might lazy cats playing with the giant lengths of wool prove a problem? What about rain on a woollen hat? It seems as though woven leaves may prove a better alternative. However, these may prove rather too much of a temptation to the animals. Thereafter what about wood? Surely mice toasting marshmallows on the campfire couldn’t prove a problem. Could they?
It is difficult to find picture books to compare to this one. It is ingenious, curious and so satisfying. There are elements of The Last Tree in its message, and Otto Blotter, Bird Spotter in its energy and wonder. Bookwagon adores A Hat for Mr Mountain. We recommend it highly to all our readers and their families.



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