A Hedgehog Called Snuffle


Tom’s desperately unhappy at his discovery behind the shed. However it seems there’s some hope when Jasmine alights upon ‘a white plastic tub’. In fact, the little hoglet is alive, but desperately in need of rehydration, food and constant care. Naturally, Jasmine and Tom put themselves forward to the task, even if it means Jasmine having to keep her room tidied and agree to household chores!

Then again, Snuffle, as they call the hoglet, is at risk. He’s well below an ideal weight and needs round the clock feeding and warmth. We learn how Jasmine researches his care, and then how she and Tom focus on nurturing him. What’s more, they learn about the dire plight of hedgehogs in Britain. Their research leads them on a campaign to make their area a more hedgehog friendly area. However, what about around the time of Bonfire night? It’s one of the most dangerous periods for hedgehogs who seek out timber and leaves for shelter.

Bookwagon loves and recommends A Hedgehog Called Snuffle. This title is a welcome addition to the fabulous Jasmine Green series, which we recommend to every reader.

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A Hedgehog Called Snuffle

Helen Peters, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

(Nosy Crow)

Jasmine and Tom are on the way to Marco’s party when they spot a small scuttling lump upon the road. It prompts them to leave the bus, for they recognise the little mass as a wounded hedgehog. However time’s of the essence, for the creature’s injured. Then again, what they discover eventually is not ideal. It seems that there’s a hoglet in desperate need of rehydration and nurturing. Is Jasmine up to this? Can all her and Tom’s experience with reviving creatures through the wonderful Jasmine Green series mean they’re the pair to help?
A Hedgehog Called Snuffle introduces readers to the real and constant threat to hedgehogs which has resulted in their dramatic decline in numbers. Then again, it informs us as to how we can be aware custodians so that our gardens and parks are friendly to the creatures, from highways to ponds. What’s more, there’s a superb story here, which follows A Rabbit Called Clover, most recently. It’s rewarding to follow the series in its entirety so as to realise Jasmine and Tom’s growing confidence. Furthermore, there’s a chance to reunite with animals we’ve met previously, like Skye the sheepdog. However, every book stands alone, proudly.
Bookwagon adores this series. Helen Peters and Ellie Snowdon have created books that are appealing, interesting, stirring, funny and real. We welcome A Hedgehog Called Snuffle aboard!


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