A Kid in My Class


‘A Kid in My Class‘ might be anyone of the thirty-four that poet Rachel Rooney singles out. She compares the new boy with the tomboy. She seeks out the friendship bench, where someone remembers. Rachel Rooney compares the drama queen with the tough kid. She watches the girl skipping to the playground song, while her heart beats to another, faraway drum.

Chris Riddell’s detailed exploratory portraits add pathos to Rachel Rooney’s wise, empathetic poetic portrait studies. Humour, inference and compassion are used in abundance. A variety of poetry devices and forms are included deftly and painstakingly.

‘A Kid in  My Class‘ is outstanding. Bookwagon recommends this book to any teacher, pupil or long ago pupil. This is the story of a school community, and our community.

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A Kid in My Class

Poems by Rachel Rooney

Illustrations by Chris Riddell

(Otter-Barry Books)- hardback

Rachel Rooney’s A Kid in My Class describes a class of children with which the writer worked.
In the introduction Rachel Rooney offers:- ‘Over time, I have grown fond of everyone that you’ll meet here. I now think of this book as a class full of people rather than a collection of poems.’ It is obvious for individual habits, appearance, interpretation and strengths are celebrated affectionately. Furthermore, the variety of poetry skills demonstrates the poet’s skill and individual appreciation.
Thereafter, the writer’s descriptions build our understanding of each subject too with SEN pupils portrayed with particular care. Chris Riddell’s intricate black and white illustrations extend our sense of each subject’s personality.
Poetry titles such as The Undefeated and England Poems from a School offer pen portraits too. However, this description of a collective is unique and of a moment and time.
A Kid in My Class‘ is the ‘Please Mrs Butler‘ of the 21st century. Bookwagon urges teachers, school children and parents to explore and indulge!


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