A Kitten Called Holly


Jasmine and Tom are excavating an old shed on the farm.  When they disturb a wild mother cat, she abandons her kittens, returning to move only two of the three. Jasmine and Tom are left to raise the orphaned Holly, as they call her, alone. As ever, Jasmine is determined that Holly should become a member of her farmyard family, but her mother has other ideas.

This series is so well-written and so interesting. Like the other titles, ‘A Kitten Called Holly‘ is recommended to readers  building their pace and resilience. They deserve works like these that are respectful of them, informative, funny and warm. We love Helen Peters’ Jasmine Green Adventures’ series and recommend them highly to Bookwagon readers.

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A Kitten Called Holly

Helen Peters, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

(Nosy Crow)

A wild grey cat with kittens interrupts Jasmine and Tom’s animal shelter building. It seems A Kitten Called Holly is one of the litter. However, when the kitten’s mother flees the scene it seems only two or three are recovered by her later. At each stage of the discovery, Jasmine’s veterinarian mother advises. However, when Jasmine’s mother and farmer father forbid her to keep another animal, she is distraught. Although she and Tom tend to Holly’s specific needs, as an infant kitten, Jasmine’s parents are adamant. Thereafter, might they change their minds? After all, Jasmine and Tom are dedicated in their animal care. Then again, how might the pair feel when Holly’s old enough to be rehomed? What’s more, what if that home is not one of which Jasmine and Tom approve? Who will win the battle in this latest Jasmine Green title?
Alongside being completely gripped by the story, we’re informed of the animal’s care. What’s more, as with others in the series, including A Sheepdog Called Sky, we are swept into the reality of farming life. It seems we feel the pressures, smell the scents and then realise the worries and practicalities. Bookwagon loves this series, and welcomes A Kitten Called Holly aboard.


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