A Lamb Called Lucky


It’s the Easter holidays and Jasmine has her hands full with sheepdog training. She’s helping out with lambing too, especially while Mum and Dad are busy with the TB checks. When she and best friend Tom discover an abandoned pair of baby birds, they take on the half hour feeding responsibility, but there are further demands on their carer time to come. Meanwhile, the news about sheep rustling further south of the country is rife; that won’t affect the family, surely?

A Lamb Called Lucky‘ is as steeped in reality, truth and interest as its predecessors. Bookwagon loves Jasmine’s character, the family unit, and the reality in the setting of a working family farm. This is a superb series for readers who have moved onto gripping stories. We recommend ‘A Lamb Called Lucky’ and the other Jasmine Green books, beginning with A Piglet Called Truffle

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A Lamb Called Lucky

A Jasmine Green story

Helen Peters, illustrated by Ellie Snowdown

(Nosy Crow)

It’s lambing time, Jasmine’s favourite time of the year. She’s busy helping Dad with the lambs, alongside taking on care of two abandoned baby birds. There’s stories of sheep rustling many miles away, but it’s of little concern to Jasmine’s family, isn’t it? However, what happens if the drama moves rather closer to home? Then again, what if it involves both of Jasmine’s parents, farmer and veterinarian. After all, Jasmine’s mother is on call to deal with the aftermath of rough treatment. Then again, the sheep are amongst Jasmine’s father’s income. However, it’s a small, abandoned lamb’s plight that concerns Jasmin and Tom most. After all, these would be animal sanctuary owners have form when it comes to caring for animals.
We’ve learned so much from and enjoyed further adventures including A Sheepdog Called SkyA Lamb Called Lucky, a true-to-life, farming centred story is superb. The Jasmine Green series from Helen Peters is one of our top picks for readers. We suggest this title and others are superb for those who have picked up the reading habit and seek a worthwhile, really readable series.


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