A Library of Lemons


Calypso is a 10-year old girl who prefers her books to people. When a new girl joins her class, they become inseparable, discovering a shared love of reading and writing. ‘A Library of Lemons‘, a  charming, beautifully written novel by Jo Cotterill, celebrates that love.

Yet this book explores more challenging issues, but not in a tick-box way.  Problems faced by Calypso, and her grieving father, take centre-stage and the story starts to follow a different path.

There is much to admire and enjoy in ‘ A Library of Lemons‘. It is moving and funny, the characters are relatable and  brought to life believably, while the spirits of Calypso and friend Mae, prove inspiring.


A Library of Lemons

Jo Cotterill

(Piccadilly Press)

A Library of Lemons‘ charts the changes in Calypso’s life from bereavement to new friends. Something constant is books and her devotion to reading. This is a story about loss, absence and rebuilding. It is tender and step perfect.


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