A Little Bit BRAVE


Luna and Logan are rather different. Luna lives for soaring adventure. However, Logan prefers certainty and biscuits. ‘You have to come with me!’ urges Luna. Can Logan be A Little Bit BRAVE? Maybe even very brave, when he’s called upon?

A Little Bit BRAVE’includes a stirring message. Yet the beautiful, bird’s-eye view, autumnal tones put it into another league! What a gorgeous picture book, just ripe for sharing, looking over thoughtfully, knowing well and enjoying.


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A Little Bit BRAVE

Nicola Kinnear

(Alison Green Books)

‘You have to come out with me!’ urges Luna. Luna loves the wild outdoors- exploring caves, riding with deer. WHOOSH! SPLASH! Opportunities to dive into rivers and collect shells delight Luna. Meanwhile, Logan is rather more cautious. He is a stay-at-home bunny. It seems that adventures are for Luna alone. Watering his indoor plants, dusting his shell collection and baking biscuits are more for Logan. However, Luna’s had enough! It seems that her anger prompts Logan to realise it’s time to be A Little Bit BRAVE. 
What will Logan discover in the big outdoors? It seems that he’s prepared himself with snorkel and torch and a tin of biscuits. However, how will he use these? A little eagle flying perhaps? Then again, what about little deer riding and cave exploring? Thereafter, should the adventure step up a notch and Logan’s courage be called upon, could he be A Little Bit BRAVE? Just think about when Jeremy Worried About the Wind
Nicola Kinnear‘s storytelling is warm, encouraging and convincing. Her pictures are emotionally charged. I love the overlaid autumnal tones and rich movement of her images. We feel part of Logan’s adventure. A Little Bit BRAVE is a really special picture book.



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