A Little Paper Caper


‘Branches were mysteriously missing from trees….’ What’s happening in the forest? Can we trust Beaver, Deer, Owl and Goose who swear they’ve nothing to do with this caper? They each have an alibi, don’t they?

Meanwhile, the plot thickens with the discovery of a paper aeroplane. What is Bear up to?

Oliver Jeffers’ ‘A Great Paper Caper‘ has been reimagined as ‘A Little Paper Caper’ retelling the story of Bear’s escapade, all in the name of competition. It’s a fascinating and funny affair, most diverting, that is certain to have readers of all ages entranced!


A Little Paper Caper

Oliver Jeffers

(Harper Collins)- board book

This is a specially adapted board book version of Oliver Jeffers’ ‘A Great Paper Caper’. The mystery’s the same; who IS cutting branches off trees? Can we trust the animals who claim it isn’t them? What is the clue left in the paper aeroplane? ‘A Little Paper Caper‘ is intriguing and funny, and certain to delight readers.


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