A Llama Called Lightning


Jasmine and Tom come across a lonely, matted llama in a field on Nigel Bentley’s farm. Jasmine knows that llamas are pack animals, and worries about the animal. However, she doesn’t expect to be followed home. Then again, her concern becomes a determination that she  might raise the money to buy Lightning. After all, she reads, llamas are used as animal guards in their native South America. Couldn’t Lightning take up this role on the farm?

Dad’s not keen and is not certain that Lightning shows any ability to bond with and care for the sheep. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Tom take watch, recognising Lightning’s friendship grow with Bluebell, a triplet lamb, dismissed by its mother. Is this a sign?

Bookwagon loves this informative, fluent and really engaging title. The Jasmine Green series is amongst Bookwagon‘s favourites and A Llama Called Lightning exceeds our hopes and expectations. We look forward to other readers discovering this title and other books within a superb series.

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A Llama Called Lightning

Helen Peters, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

(Nosy Crow)

Jasmine’s father’s incredulous when a llama’s following Jasmine and Tom on their return to the farm. After all, he’s accustomed to his daughter’s fascination with animals, but this animal? Then again,  the owner of the animal’s convinced that Jasmine and Tom unlocked the gate to let the creature out! However, Jasmine’s certain that the llama’s lonely and leapt the fence. What’s more, the Green farm, with its vegetation and animal community, is a far better place to be. Thereafter she and Tom determine to raise enough money to buy this animal. Could they raise the money by advertising their services?  It seems that A Llama Called Lightning could be a useful warning system for the farm. However, how, to prove it?
Helen Peters has delighted us with titles in the wonderful Jasmine Green series, since A Lamb Called Lucky. However, it’s the arrival of lambs that cause some problems for Jasmine’s farmer Dad. Then again, these might offer the hope of a permanent new home for Jasmine’s new charge. After all, there’s something about Lightning’s and Bluebell’s bond that is precious.
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome A Llama Called Lightning aboard. We love this addition to a dearly valued series.


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