A Monster Calls


A Monster Calls is a modern classic, an emotionally intense and meaningful novel. It seems that every night, just before midnight, Connor is beset with nightmare. More than the scratching, screeching, dark and terrifying images, is the appearance of the Monster. What’s more, it seems that this creature has something he seeks from Connor. Connor is to tell him the truth, the deepest, darkest fear that he holds within him.

Ever since Connor’s mother began her hospital treatment, he’s struggled with this horror. However, what is his most hidden fear? Then again, will he do the monster’s bidding?

Bookwagon recommends readers of all ages experience this magnificent book, with glorious illustrations by award winning picture maker, Jim Kay. It is outstanding.

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A Monster Calls

Patrick Ness, from an original story by Siobhan Dowd

With illustrations by Jim Kay

(Walker Books)

Patrick Ness’s , A Monster Calls is based on an original story idea by Siobhan Dowd. Furthermore, it  has been adapted successfully for screen and stage. However, the source novel, as is so often the case, remains the greater experience, the illustrated source novel.
Ever since his mother’s treatment began, Connor’s experienced a nightmare about the same time, every night. However, this isn’t the worst of it, for Connor’s nightmare includes a monster’s need for sharing the worst that might be imagined. What’s more, this creature’s determined that Connor might share his deepest, most terrifying nightmare. It’s some sort of deal, but one that nobody seeks to be part of. Then again, as Connor’s mother’s situation becomes more difficult, so his interaction with the tyrant grows more threatening. What is Connor to do? This monster’s demands for Connor’s truth is beyond the screaming, the darkness, the terror. What does Connor fear most in the world?
A Monster Calls is an essential book for any young person’s reading experience. However, we would go further, and recommend this astounding book to adult readers, too. Furthermore, Jim Kay’s illustrations capture the feelings and imagery so empathetically and strongly. Bookwagon loves and recommends A Monster Calls highly.


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