A Most Magical Girl


A Most Magical Girl‘ is how Great Aunts Harriet and Estella see Annabel Grey. Yet she has been raised as a lady, directed to ignore the messages she receives in puddles. She knew nothing of her parents’ past, or the Spitalfields’ aunts. Now, she’s facing Mr Angel, whose Dark Magic Extracting Machine threatens to drain London of all joy and light.  Annabel, ‘A Most Magical Girl’ must outrun him, with only a magical map, a ruby looking glass and two awkward but valiant friends to aid her.

A Most Magical Girl’ is an exciting, thoroughly convincing read. We travel in Annabel’s world, often with our hearts in our throats, as we urge her on. I am so pleased to have discovered Karen Foxlee! Bookwagon recommends ‘A Most Magical Girl‘ highly to our readers.

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A Most Magical Girl

Karen Foxlee


Annabel Grey is unprepared for the day she is sent to two unknown great aunts. They charge her, ‘A Most Magical Girl’, with the responsibility of overturning the dark magical advances of Mr Angel. Annabel Grey does not know of magic. She knows how to be a lady. What is Annabel going to do?



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