A Most Peculiar Toy Factory


Healthy drinks and snacks are on the menu in Cherryville. It means the future of Tess’s family farm, which produces flavoured milks and sugar mice, is in danger. Tess’s parents may have to get rid of the cows. Somehow, the family must earn more money to stay afloat and keep the herd. The only option is to take up work in ‘A Most Peculiar Toy Factory‘, Hoggle’s Happy Toys.

Tess and her younger siblings are horrified. There is something odd about the factory. Stories of terrifying teddies abound in Cherryville. Children are terrified. Yet children are the only workers whom the manager, a new Mr Hoggle, will permit to work for him.

Can Tess, Oliver, Stacey and Niles, stick together and clear the workrooms as Mr Hoggle asks? What is the bizarre sneezing? Why do the wallpaper teddies seem to move and grimace and watch the children? Why are the toys in the different rooms so miserable or threatening? Tess is determined to steel herself and face her fears. Yet there’s something very troubling in ‘A Most Peculiar Toy Factory’….


A Most Peculiar Toy Factory

Alex Bell, illustrated by Nan Lawson

(Barrington Stoke)

Tess, and Niles and Stacey, and Oliver, are reluctant to take on a job at Hoggle’s Happy Toys. They’ve heard the rumours of the haunted toys and angry teddies. Tess remembers their elder brother’s terror when his teddy attacked him! However the children have been coopted into earning money for the family since the village has spurned their farm’s chocolate milk for healthier options.
Why does Hoggle’s Happy Toys insist that their workers must be children? What could be the reason for most adults denying the sounds and rumours about which everyone is aware? What has happened at the toy factory?
Once Tess and her brothers and sister step over the threshold in the company of the new Mr Hoggle, things prove peculiar. There’s something about the teddies on the wallpaper. Then there’s the weeping rocking horses and the desolate mermaids. Can Tess steel herself and her siblings and get to the bottom of the fear that lurks throughout the toy factory?
Alex Bell, writer of the sensational The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club, grips our attention immediately! The edge of horror, tinged with dark humour, is enticing! Would you step into ‘A Most Peculiar Toy Factory’? 

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