A Mouse Called Julian


‘A Mouse Called Julian‘ leads a very orderly life. He avoids other animals, especially those who might eat him. Julian circuits a complicated route to bypass moles, rabbits and badgers. However, one night, when Julian is snug in bed, he is disturbed by an interloper; somebody has tracked him down.

What will Julian do? His ‘guest’ cannot quite reach Julian. What’s more, it seems he’s smashed his way in and is now stuck fast! At dinner time, Julian’s guest is there still. Will Julian share his food? Could the guest take a greater liking to Julian’s fare than Julian himself?

Joe Todd-Stanton’s books are so appealing. There is such dynamic wealth to the picture book storytelling that compels a reader to linger through the pages absorbing story, setting and character. I love the underground network in which Julian lives. I want to learn more about the other neighbours! ‘A Mouse Called Julian’ is special, a book to treasure, a ‘forever’ selection.


A Mouse Called Julian

Joe Todd-Stanton

(Flying Eye Books)– hardback

‘A Mouse Called Julian’ has a perfectly organised life. He likes living alone. He keeps himself to himself and out of danger. Who is watching Julian? Who seeks to invade his careful hiding place? What will Julian do when he receives an unexpected dinner guest?


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