A New Green Day


A New Green Day appears like a square, warm invitation on our pillow. What lies ahead? Might it be sunshine asking to ‘Come out and play!‘ Who might offer a ‘scribble on the path/ in glistening ink’? Let’s turn the page to see… snail.

It’s the beginning of a new day. The prospects for discovery are rich. It seems that every part of the day invites exploration. One the right hand page is laid the invitation so, ‘I’m a comma/ in the longlong sentence/ of the stream./ Someday soon,/ you’ll hear my croak.‘ Who could it be? Let’s turn the page to discover…

Antoniette Portis’s book is 21 centimetres square and small hand friendly. Furthermore, its bright, empathetic colours and shapes and construction suggest the players in this day.

Bookwagon loves A New Green Day. We recommend this beautiful, quality picture book to newer readers, as ideal to read alone, play question and answer, recite, love and share.


A New Green Day

Antoinette Portis

(Scallywag Press)– hardback

It’s A New Green Day. We can turn a page to find a ‘square and warm‘ invitation from sunlight to ‘Come out and play!’ Thereafter Snail suggests reading all about ‘my nighttime travels‘ along a scribbled path. Leaf is a ‘map‘ of its green home, while cloud suggests it’s ‘a mountain that moves.’ It seems that the new day holds invitations, possibilities and rich sights and experiences.
A New Green Day offers an ingenious format with a square, matte coloured invitation on the right hand page. The book is square too. When we turn the page we discover the host or hostess of the invitation. Therefore, it’s like a guessing game. Furthermore, the repeated ‘says pebble’,says THUNDER‘, ‘says mud‘ is like a refrain. Like Tomorrow Most Likely, we feel the chance of something special is waiting, just for us!
 Bookwagon suggests this beautifully crafted book is ripe for repeated reading, sharing and treasuring.


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