A Page in the Wind


From the grey factory the pages huddle together, ready to find their new home. One by one the ‘newborns’ leave the kiosk with a succession of different owners. Yet something different happens to our paper. The pages come apart. Different places, long journeys, different lives become the future to these pages. From a bird cage lining to a paper ship, we watch the progress. Then, only ‘A Page in the Wind‘ remains. What will be its fate?

‘A Page in the Wind‘ is a Colombian picture book. It is weighted with stories, possibilities and wonder. Each character who collects a paper or a page is created so fully as to make us imagine him or her. There are lives beyond the story.

Bookwagon delights in ‘A Page in the Wind‘ and hopes our readers will, too!

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A Page in the Wind

José Sanabria and María Laura Díaz Domínguez

(North- South Books)– hardback

A Page in the Wind’ begins as a huddled newborn, before being launched into a new day. What will be the eventual destination of this page? Where will his friends go? Their passage takes the pages from print factory to news kiosk to the big, wide world. This Colombian sophisticated picture book is unique and fascinating. The pictures are almost weather-worn. Like the accompanying text, it demands that the reader reads deeply.


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