A Perfect Wonderful Day With Friends


Raccoon kickstarts A Perfect Wonderful Day With Friends. If his exercising or reading had lulled him out of his boredom, he may not have felt a need to bake. Then again, apple cake needs eggs, and Raccoon has run out. Fox has chickens so she’s the natural friend to whom to turn. However Fox is in need of a ladder to mend her roof. Then again, Badger’s in need of a clue for his crossword. It seems only Bear can help. Thankfully Crow knows that she’s not at home, but has taken to the river to fish.

It’s there that Fox is inspired to dive in for a swim, meaning all the friends join in. Thereafter, they work together to fix the roof, solve the crossword and then cook and enjoy apple cake. All in all, it’s A Perfect Wonderful Day With Friends. 

Bookwagon adores the gentle pace, the beautiful pictures, the warm tone and then the production quality of this perfect picture book. We suggest A Perfect Wonderful Day With Friends is an ideal selection as a gift; a meaningful title to treasure.

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A Perfect Wonderful Day With Friends

Philip Waechter, translated by Melody Shaw

(Gecko Press)– hardback

Although ‘an exciting book or some exercise often helps‘ Raccoon when he’s bored, it seems only an apple cake will help on this occasion. Unfortunately, Raccoon  is ‘out of eggs‘. That means that he will have to venture to Fox’s home. However, Fox is repairing her roof and in need of a ladder. Thereafter, the pair journey to Badger’s. However, he’s up to his neck in crossword clues. Can Bear help? Will they find her at her house, or maybe at the river? Crow leads the way!
It seems, thereafter, that the gathering becomes A Perfect Wonderful Day With Friends for all. When Fox dives into the river, it inspires the others to join her. After this, it’s time to ‘borrow Badger’s ladder‘ and get onto some chores before settling down for the evening.
Philip Waechter creates a most wonderful picture of community, leisure and warmth through this picture book that demands to be lingered over. It is reminiscent of Lisette’s Green Sock and Bruno in its imagination, animal characters and then its translated origins. Bookwagon loves and recommends this truly beautiful book. A Perfect Wonderful Day With Friends is recommended to all picture book aficionados. This is a book to keep, love, gift and treasure.


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