A Piglet Called Truffle


Farmer Carter isn’t overly bothered by the twelfth piglet, left for dead. Jasmine finds her when she attends a vet visit to the farm, with her mother. However, Jasmine is on a mission to revive and retain the rescued Truffle, as she calls the severely depleted piglet. Readers learn of his care and training and the potential in Jasmine’s porcine treasure.

A Piglet Called Truffle‘ is the initial title of  the Jasmine Green series. It  is interesting, informative and really satisfying reading. It is rare to find a series that is so respectful of readers with less reading mileage under their belts.

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A Piglet Called Truffle

Helen Peters, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

(Nosy Crow)

Welcome to ‘A Piglet Called Truffle’. Farmer Carter insists the old sow has eleven piglets in her litter, but Jasmine finds a twelfth, emaciated and left for dead. The story of Truffles’ revival is gripping, informative and full of trial and fun. We love this title from Helen Peters’ wonderful Jasmine Green series.


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