A Pinch of Magic


Can A Pinch of Magic, the three magical items each of the Widdershins’ sisters inherits, be enough to break their curse? As they discover its origins, they must trust each other and others, in order to break free. From invisibility to transportation, to spying, each has a special gift.

However, owning these gifts confines them to Crowstone, and a life limited by a century old betrayal…

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A Pinch of Magic

Michelle Harrison

(Simon & Schuster)

All Betty Widdershins longs for is escape from Crowstone. Every one plots her journey in her room above the ‘The Poacher’s Pocket.‘  This is the inn where the sisters live and work with their grandmother. However, when Betty and younger sister Charlie make their eventual escape, Granny intervenes. It seems there is much they do not know, that has been hidden. In fact, it is at this point, Betty learns of A Pinch of Magic. What is the curse that has determined the lives or deaths of Widdershins’ girls for more than a century? Thereafter, can it ever be broken?
It seems that the curse involves three magical items, one for each sister. Furthermore this magic originated in Crowstone Prison, where Granny visits. It seems she’s promised clues to break the curse in return for help with a prison escape….
Can Betty, Fliss and Charlie break the curse? Will the bonds of sisterhood be enough to unite them? Can they trust each other to that extent? ‘
Chilling, haunting, with an odour of Abel Magwitch on the marshes, A Pinch of Magic is a very satisfying, bewitching and thrilling read! In fact, Bookwagon suggests that  readers who love magical stories, such as Magicborn, will relish this tightly crafted, brilliantly imagined story!


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