A Place Called Perfect


A Place Called Perfect is a thrilling and unsettling Stepford-style mystery. It seems that Violet knows immediately when her family move to ‘Town’ that something is wrong. However, how can she keep her head when everyone else is losing theirs (in a manner of speaking?)

Bookwagon recommends this title to  readers who love to be fascinated and taken into worlds of wonder and weirdness. Keep your eyes open though, for you never know when Edward and George Archer might pay a call!

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A Place Called Perfect

They’ve Got Their Eyes On You

Helena Duggan


Violet Brown’s father is delighted when he wins an opportunity to move with his family to Perfect. It seems this new setting is keen for him to his practise his award-winning ophthalmology. However, from the moment they arrive, Violet feels something isn’t right. It seems that the welcoming committee of Edward and George Archer are over friendly. Meanwhile the town is ‘too’ quiet, especially after curfew hours. Then again, there is no litter, nor, no playing. It is all too rose-tinted and wonderful?.
It seems that as Violet’s suspicions grow, her family and new setting appear ever more peculiar. However, how might Violet make her familysee that everything is not ‘perfect’ but strange, worrying and scary? What’s more, when her father disappears, and the odd ‘boy’ whom she’s felt nearby appears, Violet is forced to take action!
A Place Called Perfect is a brave, original and scary book from Helena Duggan! Bookwagon loves Violet’s emergence, her daring and determination. She is reminiscent of the intrepid  Aveline Jones. Bookwagon suggests this title is a great choice for readers who exalt in thrillers and mysteries, who love reading something completely different, original and unsettling! I’ve a hunch there’ll be a return to Perfect…. we’ll be looking forward to that very much!


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