A Place to Call Home


Across the sea, up a mountain, over a desert and through a labyrinth to the edge of the world, facing dangers unknown and terrifying- all to find a place to call home.

Part graphic novel, part conversation, part map, ‘A Place to Call Home‘ offers opportunities for readers to experience and trace the creatures’ journey, realising their perils and possibilities.

This is a positive take on friendship, decision making and growing up. We recommend it highly to all readers. It is a great book to read alone, examine and reread. The characterful conversations, beautiful graphics and originality make ‘A Place to Call Home’ a truly special book, deserving a home in your home.

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A Place to Call Home

Alexis Deacon and Viviane Schwarz

(Walker Books)

A Place to Call Home‘ is sought by a young family. Across a sea, up a mountain and over a desert they travel, taking risks and planning. This is a fabulous story to be enjoyed by all readers.

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