A Pocketful of Stars


Safiya lives a well ordered life with Dad in the week and her mother in the weekend. She has a best friend who likes what she likes- gaming and fantasy worlds. Safiya and her father rumble along happily together, not getting in each other’s way. Yet Safiya’s mother is dramatic, gregarious and colourful. She seems more like Safiya’s best friend Elle, and seems to prefer her too.

When Safiya and her mother fall out, it leads to Safiya refusing to visit when she’s scheduled. Shortly afterwards, she learns her mother is seriously ill in hospital. How can Safiya hope to make it up to her? How can she ever understand her mother when they seem so different?  What is she to do? Her thoughts and feelings lead her, unexpectedly, to discover the significance of what she knows already about her mother. From her perfume, to the theatre, to her mother’s past in Kuwait, each offers Safiya a magical key to reaching her mother. What will she discover? How can her discoveries move her forward, help her find her own feet, manipulate her way through friendships, ease her pain, and realise how alike she and her mother are- really?

A Pocketful of Stars‘ is a meaningful, emotional, beautiful story. Safiya is so skilfully realised that we feel her pain, travel her journey, experience her sadness and victories. Bookwagon is proud to recommend this superb book.



A Pocketful of Stars

Aisha Bushby


Safiya concludes she’s more like her father. He’s quiet and unobtrusive while her mother is gregarious and colourful. Therefore, living with her father makes better sense to Safiya.
When her mother falls ill suddenly, Safiya’s conclusions are thrown into disarray. Besides this is the fact that she and her mother argued on their last weekend together. How can Safiya reconnect with her mother? Could there be a route back in? ‘A Pocketful of Stars’ is a magical story of other times, other cultures, other generations. Most importantly, it’s the story about understanding and appreciating yourself and those who matter.
‘A Pocketful of Stars‘ is a stirring, resolute story we love!


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