A Possum’s Tail


‘ A Possum’s Tail’ is the last thing that passers by or the busy throngs of London expect!.Yet, as Samuel Drew, followed by his favourite toy, trek the route to and from London Zoo, something quite unexpected happens. He is joined by a small group of five. Samuel is oblivious. We watch his progress, take in the sights, sounds, landmarks, smells and interaction. Samuel treads, as described in beautiful rhyming text, through his A-Z setting.

Why possums? Samuel is set upon his destination to the expense of everything about him. He sets about his return, with the same focus. Will Samuel discover ‘A Possum’s Tail’? What could happen?

‘A Possum’s Tail‘ is a fascinating, diverting and rich picture book that Bookwagon is delighted to recommend.


A Possum’s Tail

Gabby Dawnay & Alex Barrow


Samuel Drew, a little boy, walks through London, with his toy…. Where is he off to? What route will he take? What sights will we see as he heads to his destination? We join Samuel on his return journey with his favourite toy, and…. ‘A Possum’s Tail‘ of five babies. What will Samuel Drew do?
‘A Possum’s Tail’ is a meandering travelogue of history, experience, rhyme and wonder. It’s a picture book delight!


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