A Puppy Called Sparkle


Jasmine knows that she cannot keep A Puppy Called Sparkle. After all her farm home is full of animals that she, and best friend Tom, have rescued and rehabilitated. However, what is to become of the brave, tiny retriever? After all, he’s had a dicey start!

Jasmine and her vet mother intervene when it’s obvious an illegal trade deal is underway at a service station. It leads Jasmine to research the trade in puppies and thereafter best practice for choosing a puppy. She speaks about it within her class, shortly before a fresh disaster befalls Sparkle.

However, during the same session, Lily speaks about her assist dog. Could this be a future for Sparkle?

A Puppy Called Sparkle is a fresh, eagerly anticipated title within the dearly loved Jasmine Green series from Helen Peters. Once again, this is an interesting, respectful and informative book that Bookwagon recommends highly to our readers.

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A Puppy Called Sparkle

Helen Petters, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

(Nosy Crow)

Jasmine and her mother are returning from a visit to Ella at university, when they stop for petrol. Little do they realise that when they leave, they will have rescued A Puppy Called Sparkle. It seems they’ve alighted upon a deal between an unregistered trader and a customer. What’s more, Jasmine is quick to realise the little dog that is passing hands is poorly. It seems suspicious to her, and then to her vet, mother.
Once home to the farm, Jasmine is responsible for the puppy’s care and training. Meanwhile, she shares the story of the dog’s beginning and thereafter the illegal canine trade, during a speech at school. Within the same class exercise is a talk from Lily about her assist dog. Is it possible that Sparkle’s rehoming might be one that could benefit somebody? Thereafter, could she have an idea for somebody who might take on the training of this little retriever?
Alongside a superb animal story, Helen Peters focuses upon important themes that inform and matter. Therefore, current concerns about domestic animal welfare are handled conscientiously and respectfully in this title. What’s more, Ellie Snowdon’s illustrations aid the flow and appreciation of character and setting.
Altogether, Bookwagon loves the Jasmine Green series. It means that once again, we are overjoyed to welcome a new book aboard that follows others such as A Goat Called Willow. A Puppy Called Sparkle is a really gripping, entertaining and satisfying read.


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