A Sailor Went to Sea


Let’s turn the wheel to discover what Captain Cat might see! We’re casting up the anchor and joining the journey in A Sailor Went to Sea. What’s more, there’s opportunity to sing along and take part! There are tabs to push and pull and so many hidden treasures! Some of them aren’t so hidden for it seems we’re being watched aboard the boat by parrots and puffins, cats and dogs!

What will be found through the telescope glass! The song continues as we turn the board book pages. What is at the bottom of the deep blue sea after all this? We might see a whale and…

A Sailor Went to Sea is beautifully constructed with such bright, inviting colours and so many interesting inclusions within its pages. Furthermore, the tabs and wheels are carefully formed with thoughtful discoveries to be revealed.

A Sailor Went to Sea is an ideal gift, an opportunity to initiate reading skills in its invitation to participate and sing along.

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A Sailor Went to Sea

Sing along with me!

illustrated by Yu- hsuan Huang

(Nosy Crow)– board book

Sing along! A Sailor Went to Sea ‘sea, sea’. Furthermore, as you sing, you can join in with the activity. You might choose to rock the boat on the front cover, or push up the anchor to set sail. It might be that you choose to wave farewell to the characters on the jetty.
Thereafter, turn the page to see what the sailor can see, see, see. Yet again, you’ve a tag to push!
What can the ‘sailor see, see, see’? It seems as though there’s a parrot, a lighthouse, a seagull within a bright seascape, too, Let’s turn the wheel as the sailor looks out over the ocean. Then look to ‘the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea‘. It seems there is so much to do and discover! In addition this book offers a wonderful opportunity to build language and initial reading, joining in, memory and skill.
Like Listen to the Seaside and Listen to the Countryside, this title for our youngest readers is a book for exploring. However with it’s sing along invitation and the tabs and wheels there is ample opportunity to participate. A Sailor Went to Sea is an ideal gift for new readers and a treat to share.


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