A Sea of Stories


Grandpa tells Roo ‘A Sea of Stories‘ from his collection of Bits- and-Pieces that clutter his home. Mum says he has the ‘whole world‘ here, but Roo learns that Grandpa is actually ‘cut off‘ from the place he loves most.

Roo selects random items from Grandpa’s treasures. The first is ‘nestled between a glove and a birdcage’. Could it really be pirate treasure? Treasures stolen from Hawberry Manor? How did Grandpa discover this? What about Grandpa’s brass telescope? Or the memories inspired by playing with Grandma’s button box?

Roo learns more than about collections though. She learns about family, legacy, love and memories. Her understanding motivates her to make a difference to Grandpa’s life that he might continue to enjoy ‘A Sea of Stories’. 

This is beautiful, considered storytelling made richer through the painterly, empathetic pictures employed by Paddy Donnelly. We are delighted to recommend ‘A Sea of Stories’ to our readers.

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A Sea of Stories

Sylvia Bishop, illustrated by Paddy Donnelly

(Stripes Publishing)– hardback

Roo is staying with Grandpa by herself this summer. His home is full of Bits-and-Pieces, ‘A Sea of Stories‘, which Mum says is his ‘whole world.’ Roo’s hopes that she and Grandpa might travel to the cove, ‘a little beach that hardly anybody’ knows about, are dashed. Instead there are games of hide-and-seek and thereafter Grandpa opens up about his treasures. Thus begins ‘A Sea of Stories’.
This beautiful early chapter book, with a captivating text and rich, warm pictures, is part of a lovely series from Stripes Publishing, including Two Sides and The Climbers.
Roo’s confidence in her stay with Grandpa grows as his stories unravel. She becomes more aware of the setting, of his past, of the way of the world. Roo learns what is most important to her and Grandpa. In doing so, she initiates a brave plan to enable Grandpa to be part of what he loves best.
Sylvia Bishop is a Bookwagon favourite storyteller. Paddy Donnelly’s pictures elevate the story, suggesting history, bonding, drama and the future. We recommend ‘A Sea of Stories’ to readers young and older.


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