A Season for Scandal


Could Simon Earnshaw’s harsh words about Marigold Bloom’s excessiveness be true? It seems that Marigold’s former fiancé  needs to cut her down to size in every way! However, Marigold is determined to be undiminished. What’s more, a chance encounter with the striking, yet cantankerous, Oliver Lockhart, offers Mari hope and a new direction.

Is Mari up to becoming a secret agent? A new employee of Mrs Finch at the Aviary, committed to supporting women who’ve fallen on hard times through the inequality of this late Victorian age? Then again, what if Mari’s first real case might involve Oliver Lockhart! What’s more, that she must pose as his ‘fiancée’ in order to ascertain the truth?

Who is Heléne? Could she be Oliver’s long lost sister? The ‘parents’ who arrive with her at Oliver’s Yorkshire castle insist that this is his Ellen. It seems she remembers many details about her childhood that only she would know. She even bears the same scar as Ellen. However, what is the truth?

Bookwagon is excited to welcome A Season for Scandal aboard. We recommend this lush and wonderful book to our older, teen readers, admirers of historical romance novels, particularly.

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A Season for Scandal

Laura Wood


Little does Marigold Bloom predict that on the day her fiancé breaks off her engagement, she’ll be offered a fresh start. What’s more, it’s an opportunity built upon chaos in the library, and a chance encounter with the dashing Oliver Lockhart. Could this be the opening for A Season for Scandal?
While Oliver Lockhart is known by the Aviary, which we met in The Agency for Scandal, his offhand behaviour is startling to Marigold. Then again, so is the invitation by this secretive group that Marigold should train and join them. Marigold’s a florist who’s brought her family business back from the brink. However she learns that her difficult circumstances, and worse, are experienced by too many women. Then again, it seems that women are not the only ones to seek out the Aviary’s services. What if Oliver Lockhart, somehow bound to the Aviary, might need their help? After all, is the young woman who claims she is his long lost sister telling the truth? Then again, what about the ‘parents’ who’ve joined her on a journey to Lockhart’s Yorkshire home?
Laura Wood writes such readable stories. They compel us to read on and fall into her world of deception, masked balls, heroines and romance. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome A Season for Scandal aboard.


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