A Sheepdog Called Sky


The tiny puppy that Jasmine finds is barely alive. As she tends to it, helped by her friend Tom, she grows attached, yet worried as her veterinarian mother is determined to find his owner. Who could treat a puppy this way? How could her parents deny Jasmine the chance to keep the dog she is growing to love?

A Sheepdog Called Sky‘ is an engrossing story. The farmyard environment and issues are real. Jasmine, her family, and Tom created so truthfully.  We love this title, and the other books in Helen Peters’ superb’ Jasmine Green’ series.

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A Sheepdog Called Sky

Helen Peters, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

(Nosy Crow)

‘ A Sheepdog Called Sky’ is a young collie pup Jasmine and Tom find abandoned. If the pup survives what will his future hold? Maybe Jasmine could to keep him? This is a fabulous story, one of the wonderful Jasmine Green series, respectful of young readers, and highly recommended by Bookwagon. 


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