A Single Thread of Moonlight


Why does Lord Wynter seek Iris Grey out, that she should assume the role of Serena Fox, country heiress and old friend, to bewitch Prince Stefan? Iris has her own reasons, simmering for seven years since she fled Holland Hall and her life as Iris Scott-Holland, scared for her safety after her father’s sudden death.

Yet now she’s in another’s finery, if some of it is stitched by her own magical fingers, facing the aristocracy, including her stepmother and stepsisters, concerned to play a part, yet also face aching memories. What truths might Iris discover? How is she explained to others in the party at Holland Hall in a week that her stepsister is expected to be announced as the wife to Prince Stefan? Iris is determined, skilled and aware, but this is the place of her biggest heartbreak. What’s more, she’s working to realise Lord Wynter’s motivation.

A Single Thread of Moonlight is a superb YA romance, gripping, with more than a touch of Jane Austen and #MeToo sensibility.  Laura Wood spins the most magical tales. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome A Single Thread of Moonlight aboard!

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A Single Thread of Moonlight

Laura Wood


Might there be A Single Thread of Moonlight, a spool of chance, for Iris Grey? It’s seven years since she escaped her stepmother and stepsisters after her father’s shocking death. Since then, she’s earned a wage as a skilled seamstress, making gowns for society. It seems her needle has a magic touch.
However, Iris has not forgotten Helena, Agatha and Cassie, her father and mother, and rage burns within her. Therefore, when an unexpected opportunity appears whereby she might extract revenge, Iris is quick to seize it. It will mean returning to her childhood home, albeit in disguise as Serena Fox, a childhood friend of the enigmatic Nicholas Wynter.
Yet, what is the honourable Lord Wynter’s reason for hiring Iris? She knows he’s keen to cast her as a temptress to break the heart of Prince Stefan, yet for what reason? As the intrigue deepens, Iris is forced to confront memories from her happy childhood in and desperate exit from Holland Hall. Will anyone discover her real identity- that she is Iris Scott- Holland. What’s more, can she reveal herself before time runs out and her stepmother declares her dead? it’s a race!
Laura Wood offers a new, engrossing YA romance in A Single Thread of Moonlight. Like her other books, including Under a Dancing Star, this title is clever, satisfying and so beautifully written. Bookwagon recommends this title highly.


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