A Sky Painted Gold


Lou is drawn into the brilliance of the Cardew society. It’s a world that begins at dusk and closes at midday. There are endless possibilities, parties, people and great chinks within ‘A Sky Painted Gold’. Lou becomes central to this world, and party to the secrets and sadnesses. Can she hold her own, maintain her family ties, beliefs and dreams?

It is a tough call. Jam on homemade bread is very different from canapés. Home made dresses cannot compete with those fitted by a personal couturier. Lou is swayed by the attention lavished on her, and curious at the brittle facade she realises encases this group.

Why is Lady Caitlin Cardew so restless and unhappy? Why does her brother, Lord Robert, indulge her? What is the secret of his engagement with the seemingly ambivalent Laurie?

‘A Sky Painted Gold’ is rich in a post- war nostalgia. It is reminiscent of ‘I Capture the Castle’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’. This is the sort of book I’d have walked on glass to get hold of and then read and reread and treasured.


A Sky Painted Gold

Laura Wood


Lou is  is left to her musings on the glorious lives of the Cardew family, when her older sister, Alice marries. Her fascination becomes a reality when the family return to their Cornish manor. They have a reciprocal fascination with Lou, drawing her into their society and London ways.
How will Lou change? What lies ahead for her? Can she unpin the brittle fragility of Lady Caitlin Cardew? Why does Lord Robert Cardew protect Caitlin, and hold onto a seemingly loveless engagement?


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