A Stone for Sascha


‘A Stone for Sascha’ opens with a family grieving the loss of a family pet. Sascha will not be joining the family on their summer holiday. Her absence is raw.

On the shoreline where the girl plays is a golden stone. She reaches for it, holds it and remembers. Yet, what is the stone’s story? Through the cosmos, through the ages, across continents, from building and devastation, discovery and loss, where has the stone travelled?

‘A Stone for Sascha’ is a magnificent wordless picture book. It imagines the stories of the matter about us, ordinary things we overlook, or, in this case, discover anew.

Aaron Becker’s storytelling is layered, complex and emotional. His use of over layered, oil impression digital media suggests memory, history and bereavement. ‘A Stone for Sascha’ is a truly exceptional story. Bookwagon recommends this title highly to book lovers of any age.

The Making of A Stone for Sascha


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A Stone for Sascha

Aaron Becker

(Walker Books)– hardback

We mourn the passing of a beloved pet. We travel to a holiday spot by the sea. A stone, discovered on the shore line, is thrown into the sea. What is the story of ‘A Stone for Sascha’? Aaron Becker travels its journey in this exceptional wordless picture book.

Kirkus starred review, School Library Journal starred review, Publishers’ Weekly starred review


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