A Stone Sat Still


It seems the stone is constant. ‘- it sat where it sat/ with the water, grass and dirt// and it was as it was/ where it was in the world’. However to everything about it, it was everything.

Thereafter, it  was the wild for some, and home for others. What’s more, it was a kitchen, yet also a throne. Then again, the stone was a marker, a map and a maze, or ‘a danger/ a haven/ a story/ a stage’.

It seems that Brendan Wenzel employs magic in his text. Not only is there rhyme, but alliteration, contrast and onomatopoeia. Then again, his pictures demonstrate sequence, before wide landscapes and intricate portraits. What’s more, we move from gentle pencil work, to deft paper collage. All in all, it means A Stone Sat Still is a masterpiece in picture book storytelling and presentation.

Bookwagon recommends this exceptional title strongly to our readers. We suggest this title is one to read, chant, know, recite, linger upon and wonder over. It is a work of anthropology, archaeology, history and philosophy. A Stone Sat Still is quite remarkable.

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A Stone Sat Still

Brendan Wenzel

(Chronicle Books)

Through the dark and the quietness, the loudness and the quiet, A Stone Sat Still. Then again, ‘it sat where it sat/ with the water, grass and dirt// and it was as it was/ where it was in the world’. 
It seems that both rough and smooth, yet green, red, purple and blue. What’s more, it might be a pebble or a hill or a feel or a smell. Then while it could be wild, the stone’s a place called home.
Brendan Wenzel creates books that demand to be lingered over and loved. Furthermore, his titles, including They All Saw a Cat, are curious, seeming to offer a philosophy so as to make us think about ourselves, our history and our place and time in the world. It seems this way with A Stone Sat Still,. We contemplate the infinity and effortless weightless  possibility of the stone’s existence. Then again the way this book is created, with its sparing text and repetition urges us to take it slowly. Thereafter we’ve deep, almost  three-dimensional, collage pictures with close ups and variations in perspective and size that are pitch perfect. It means that A Stone Sat Still is a book to read, share, take time over and gift also. What’s more, this picture book is recommended for readers alone and then for reading closely together, quietly, contemplatively.


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