A Story Like the Wind


Rami, aboard a rubber dinghy that a ‘belt buckle or loose hairpin could tear apart’, weaves a story of hope to his fellow refugees. The story within a story grips us, like the white stallion holds Suke.

This is a writing masterpiece. ‘A Story Like the Wind‘ deserves the acclaim that will come its way. Every word is perfect, sparse and deliberate. We hold fast to a future for the precious cargo of people aboard the little boat.

Gill Lewis has created an exceptional story of our refugee tragedy today, peopling it with experience, aspirations and histories, interwoven with a moving tale of loyalty, bravery and inspiration. Jo Weaver’s mesmeric illustrations add a wistful sense of hope and sadness to this beautiful book.

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A Story Like the Wind

Gill Lewis, illustrations by Jo Weaver

(Oxford University Press)- hardback

‘A Story Like the Wind‘ was created from a story the writer read. Rami is a refugee aboard a frail rubber boat, desperately seeking safe haven. His fellow passengers need the magic of his words and the hope he inspires. This is a classic masterpiece that will affect and linger with readers of any age.


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