A Ticket to Kalamazoo!


Fancy a ride on an ELEPHANT? Can you imagine ‘bobbing to the rhythm’? Then again, can’t you feel the pounding of the ‘four great feet’? Don’t you think that it would be ‘better than a tiger/ better than a whale/ better than a ride/ on a mighty snail‘?

However what about ‘the bear [that] came down/ from the mountain/ yawning the morning away’? Can’t you see it? Don’t you want to join in with the ‘stuffing/ and sticking/ and picking/ and licking/ the honey/ retook from a tree’? 

Furthermore, what about making a simple recipe of Night Soup? You’ll have to add ‘a slither of moon‘ and ‘the patter of rain’. Then again what about ‘the whoosh of a train/ a sniff or a snore’? 

A Ticket to Kalamazoo! is a riot of joy, a concoction of wonderful poems that demand readers join in, act out and move. There’s such a cacophony of noise, shapes, rhyme and humour. Then again, there’s a wonderful symphony of themes and possibilities too.

Bookwagon loves A Ticket to Kalamazoo! and recommends this superb title for reading aloud at home, nursery and school. It is a triumph.

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A Ticket to Kalamazoo!

Zippy Poems to Read Out Loud

James Carter, illustrated by Neal Layton

(Otter-Barry Books)

What would you do with A Ticket to Kalamazoo!? Could it be that you’d journey ‘by train/ by boat, by plane/ around the world/ and back again‘? Thereafter, might you go ‘Through night and day/ through sun and rain/ through mist and snow’? The title poem in this glorious book is an anaphora style. In fact we can imagine this being recited and then moved to!
Then again, The Terrible Ten demands actions! Might we ‘stretch like a lion’ or ‘sway like an eagle‘? Then again what about leaping ‘like a hare? There’s movement galore, especially stretching, encouraged in the introductory poem, Grow Up! Bookwagon imagines moving ‘steadily/ so silently‘ until we see the body…. GRRRRRRRROWS!
James Carter and Neal Layton collaborate on A Ticket to Kalamazoo, creating a picture poetry book that is ripe for sharing and knowing well. We know this poet is aware of his reading audience; just think of Zim Zam Zoom! Thereafter, there’s such vibrancy in the works, such happiness and purpose. In fact, Bookwagon suggests that this ‘scratching, – sniffing,- stretching,- itching‘ book is a true ‘handful of fun’!


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