A Way to the Stars


Astonishing! Up! Up! Up! Up! Astonishing! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Is it possible that Joe and his Dad might succeed in finding A Way To the Stars?

Although Joe’s pals dismiss his hopes, his father joins him in his efforts. What about a ladder? Then again, boxes and building? What’s more, might the best option be to build a rocket? However, what about the dangers? Might the best option of all be to make the most ‘splendid shed‘? One with painted stars and moons and galaxies? Something that opens the highway to the galaxies?

Through a picture book exploration, David Almond and Gill Smith offer us a most beautiful shared journey of rich possibilities and wonder. Bookwagon loves A Way to the Stars and recommends it highly for bedtime reading.

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A Way to the Stars

David Almond, illustrated by Gill Smith

(Walker Books)

While Joe’s pals laugh at his desire to find A Way to the Stars, he’s undeterred. What’s more, when Dad finishes his tea, he promises to have a think about how he might help Joe.
Thereafter, the pair find a ladder, but it’s a ‘Look out!‘ when they begin climbing, which leads them to ‘think again’. Could it be that they need to ‘build a tower‘? However, how secure is this tower? Then again, after a ‘Crash! Bang! Wallop! Ouch!’ could it be that they should build a rocket? It seems that Dad thinks this is ‘absolutely definitely the answer!’ Yet will it make it to Joe’s ultimate destination, or might they have to rethink?
David Almond demonstrates the warmth and love of a father- child relationship, and then the possibility of imagining to the heavens! Like the Zoom! there is such opportunity, such wonder and determination. Therefore, once the pair set upon making a ‘splendid shed‘ with ‘– painted moons‘ and ‘painted stars‘ and ‘swirling galaxies‘. Could its efforts lead the pair to wander ‘through the heavens‘ or spin ‘across the galaxies‘? Gill Smith’s pictures are full of movement, effort and joy!
Bookwagon loves and recommends A Way to the Stars.


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