A Wild Walk to School


Are you prepared for A Wild Walk to School? You’ll need a good breakfast and then to make sure you’ve packed up all your essential gear. You must be on your guard and prepared for every eventuality!

After all, there might be pockets of sunlight just waiting to grab you. Then again, what about the shadowlands, or even tightropes you must find  to negotiate wide gulfs? What about molten (leaf) lava that threatens you get you? Can you find solid ground? Although Mum might warn, ‘I’m worried that we won’t get to school before the bell rings‘ you have to watch every step! There are fields of danger throughout this course. Even on the school crossing. After all, what about the ‘sleeping giant‘ that cannot be awakened?

Bookwagon loves the imagination and uninhibited joy of A Wild Walk to School. Rebecca Cobb’s picture books are absolutely delightful always. We are so happy to welcome A Wild Walk to School aboard, a magnificent choice for reading at home, and school.

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A Wild Walk to School

Rebecca Cobb

(Pan Macmillan)

Come on you two! It’s time to get ready!‘ It seems a A Wild Walk to School is in store. Of course that means taking breakfast seriously ahead of packing ‘a lot of gear’. What’s more this ‘Epic Journey’ needs ‘appropriate, protective clothing.’ After all, things could ‘get dangerous‘ very quickly, beginning with sightings of ‘small patches of sunlight‘. Standing on these have the potential to turn you to stone!
Along the way, the explorers are harried by Mum- ‘Right, we need to hurry now because we were so late leaving!’ However, these travellers cannot be rushed! There are shadowlands and wide gulfs to negotiate, after all, before molten leaf lava!
Will the sisters make it before the bell rings for the start of day? There are large, sleeping obstacles that only dragons might help clear! Then again, what about Mum’s journey?
Rebecca Cobb delights Bookwagon with her imaginative interpretation of the every day. Just think of Aunt Amelia’s House. We love A Wild Walk to School. What a fabulous picture book to share at home and in educational settings too! Then again, what might be waiting to be discovered on your journey?


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