A Witch Alone


Arianwyn has been summoned by the High Elder to participate in a top secret mission. It requires her to enter the Great Wood, where nobody has journeyed for more than eighty years. Alongside her expedition is an ever growing, more complex workload in Lull. The village is being overcome by supernatural creatures, seeking refuge from a conquering hex, creeping through the Great Wood. Who can Arianwyn trust? Are her powers enough to safeguard Lull? Will she ever find Estar and the Great Book? Is she destined to be alone to cope with all that is expected of her? ‘A Witch Alone’ is a brave, empathetic, clever, captivating  book, that has delighted me. I cannot wait for the next title… I’ve a few hunches I’m keen to follow up!



A Witch Alone

James Nichol

(Chicken House)

 ‘A Witch Alone‘ is the superb sequel to The Apprentice Witch. Our heroine returns to Lull on a secret mission into the Great Wood, last explored over eighty years before. The danger, magic and hot chocolate are almost palpable, the situations and characters meaningful and entrancing. Welcome back Arianywyn!


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