A Wolf Called Wander


Swift is faster than the other cubs, but not as strong as Sharp. He listens to mother’s words, ‘The pack belongs to the mountains, and the mountains belong to the pack.‘ Swift nose touches with Father. He attends to father’s guidance in realising danger and approaching the hunt. Father’s markings set out their territory which they guard carefully from ‘the watching spot.‘ Yet they do not detect an enemy pack’s attack that will shatter their unit  and leave Swift alone.

A Wolf Called Wander‘ emerged from tracking Oregon 7, a grey wolf that travelled 1, 600 kilometres from northern Oregon to northern California. Like Wander, Oregon 7 followed instinctual hunting patterns, and had a raven companion. Wander and Oregon 7 will not hunt cattle; they know this source of food is not for them. They are wary of humans from their ‘lightning sticks’ to their ‘noisemakers‘.  Like humans, however, they seek homes, families and mates for life.

We travel Swift’s journey, feeling his isolation, fear and grief at the loss of his pack and territory. We urge him on toward food, water and company, needing him to find another warm place, beneath the wolf star- a home ground.

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A Wolf Called Wander

Rosanne Parry, illustrated by Mónica Armiño

(Andersen Press)

A Wolf Called Wander‘ starts life as a cub called Swift. He protects his weaker brother Warm, and aspires to lead the hunt like stronger brother, Sharp. Sharp never ‘drops his tail‘.
Swift must fend for himself when his pack receives a shock attack from an enemy pack.  He ‘hears’ his mother’s words and heeds his father’s advice; all the time seeking shelter, company and food. Swift’s journey is demanding and unknown. He must rely on the company of Raven and the scents and sounds of danger and food. However, along the way he meets unknown hopes, reminders, challenges, sadness and torment.
We are reminded of Pax in this outstanding true- to- life natural world account. Furthermore, Swift’s narrative is so raw and real that we feel his pain and are bound to his search. We need a happy outcome. Can he find Warm? Where are his pack? Will Swift ever find his home territory, his ‘wolf star’ again?
‘A Wolf Called Wander‘ was born from tracking the journey of a Oregon 7, a grey wolf. It is an empathetic, rich, beautiful story in which we learn and experience so much. Bookwagon is proud to recommend this glorious book.


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