A World Full of Journeys and Migrations


It seems that Carthage, now a suburb in Tunis, was the centre of global trade, many centuries ago. Then again, this was the dawn of A World Full of Migrations and Journeys, such as we know now. It seems that since the journey of the world’s ‘first grandmother’ from Africa to Yemen, people have moved. Most often these moves have been inspired through curiosity or in search for something better or safer.

Thereafter, we travel around the world, reading about the movement of peoples across the major continents. We see how Thor Heyerdahl’s Koi-Tiki expedition, for example, proved the migration across the Pacific. Then again, we realise how the industrial revolution affected trade and global connections. Further to this, we read how China has expanded to become ‘the biggest industrial country in the world‘ in only a couple of decades.

Bookwagon is enthralled by A World Full of Journeys and Migrations. This book is essential reading at home and in classrooms.

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A World Full of Journeys and Migrations

Martin Howard, illustrated by Christopher Corr

(Frances Lincoln)

What inspires us to move? Martin Howard and Christopher Corry explore A World Full of Journeys and Migrations. It seems we move for adventure, seeking a place of safety, to trade, for better resources, including food. Thereafter, we consider the first movement of people. Furthermore, this was of ‘the woman who would become the grandmother to all humans outside of Africa’ who moved from Africa to Yemen. It seems that anthropologists and scientists have identified this woman’s genetic code within all people
We travel from Africa through the other continents, examining reasons for movement and then how these movements evolved, including major historical events. Along the way we learn about how language evolved, including writing. Then again, we look at the role of food and trade. When we read about Asia, thereafter, we are introduced to important figures, such as Alexander the Great, alongside how Buddhism spread, and then the importance of The Silk Route.
Like World of Food, A World Full of Journeys and Migrations is exhaustive in the depth of its research. What’s more it includes anecdotal facts, for example about famous city markets, or animal migrations. Bookwagon is awed and mesmerised by this superb book. In fact, we consider it essential to home reading and then for school purposes too.


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