A World of Your Own


What does your home look like? What would your ideal transportation be like? Would the passengers be enclosed, or riding above? Buildings in ‘My World’ may seem rather dull, but ‘things are not always what they seem’, e.g., does your local office supply store really sell shoes for superheroes?

Laura Carlin is one of the fresh new breed of picture book makers who dare to be different. She has a wealth of ideas, her curiosity is abundant, her approach- using layered chalk pastels, inks and colouring pencils to illustrate her enquiring text- demands attention. ‘A World of Your Own‘ offers  endless possibilities to a curious reader to consider and construct. She urges readers to ‘look to real life for inspiration’ to connect and expand. This is more than an activity book; it is in the vein of Oliver Jeffers’ work, a picture book that is an experience of the creator’s thoughts and ideas.

Laura Carlin says ‘I prefer to think of myself as an inventor.’ With ‘A World of Your Own‘ she is inviting readers to invent also.

‘A World of Your Own‘ is an inspiring choice as a gift for a family, for a reader who engages with text and has  many ideas and creations, or one who needs something to make the whole reading thing ‘click.’ It would also make a great shared reading book for classrooms, or bedtimes. Even now, at the grand old age of lots more, I am tempted by ‘A World of Your Own’ to  create my own ‘My World’.

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A World of Your Own

Laura Carlin


A World of Your Own‘ is an open ended enquiry and opportunity to build the world of your dreams. Laura Carlin offers tips and suggestions, and so many ideas. What a magnificent, unique picture book recommended to all ages!

Winner of the V&A Illustration Award


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