A Wrinkle In Time


Meg Murry, along with her brothers and mother, expects Father to return from his latest project. Yet nobody else, from the village postmistress to Meg’s school teachers believe that after such a prolonged absence, Father will return, nor that Meg has any right to hold her belief.

When her youngest brother, the precocious Charles Wallace, announces the appearance of Mrs Whatsit, an ‘old tramp’ on a wildly stormy night, and Meg makes an unexpected new friend in Calvin, it is more than a coincidence. Mrs Whatsit is part of a trio of eccentric ‘women’, while Calvin is there to join Charles Wallace and Meg on a journey through time to rescue Meg’s father. They are to go through a vortex to meet IT, to tesseract, as though moving through a ‘wrinkle of time’. It will be dangerous, unknown, wonderful and terrifying. The ‘wrinkle’ will need all their skills, whatever they may be; Meg is only aware of her faults.

A Wrinkle In Time‘ is one of America’s children’s reading classics, and also one of its most controversial titles. It inspired other Newbery award winning books like The Graveyard Book and When You Reach Me. It merits a British readership and appreciation. We are proud to present ‘A Wrinkle in Time‘ to our Bookwagon readers. It is a novel that respects children while demanding confidence and commitment. It is one that readers will cherish and remember forever. The Guardian: A Wrinkle in Time well worth two Newbery medals


A Wrinkle In Time

Madeleine L’Engle


After being rejected by more than twenty publishers, ‘A Wrinkle In Time‘ was published, more than 55 years ago. It went on to become one of the United States’ best selling children’s books, winning the Newbery Medal in 1963. In 2018, the film version of this much loved classic book will hit our cinema screens. It is time for British children to journey through a ‘wrinkle in time’ with Meg, Charles Wallace, Calvin and journey to Camazotz.


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